Market-Based Rate Tariff

The market-based rate tariff governs a seller’s wholesale sales at market-based rates. The Commission requires that this tariff be submitted electronically through the Commission’s eTariff system in compliance with Order No. 714.

It is also important to know what kind of tariff change you are submitting. The commission classifies the types of tariff filings submitted by sellers as either a Compliance filing (eTariff Filing Code 70 or 90) or a Tariff Revision (eTariff Filing Code 30 or 10).

A Compliance filing can include any type of tariff change that is required to be submitted by Commission order. This includes any type of change to bring a tariff into compliance with Order Nos. 697 or 697-A, or any Commission order which is specific to a single company or group of companies.

A Tariff Revision, on the other hand, is any type of tariff change that is seller driven. For example a seller may wish to limit its authority to a specific balancing authority area. This type of change was not ordered by the Commission and thus is classified as a Tariff Revision.

The Commission allows filers to elect whether to transact under a single market-based rate tariff for an entire corporate family or under separate tariffs. These so-called joint tariffs allow corporate families to more clearly organize their tariff records, electronic tariff databases and simplify their tariff filings. For corporate families using a joint tariff, only the designated filer is required to submit tariff revisions, for example when its category status changes or when Commission-approved or required language in the tariff needs updating.

Market-Based Rate Tariff Provisions

Single Corporate (Joint) Tariffs

Step by Step Guide to Filing Your Application in the eTariff System

This page was last updated on December 04, 2023