The Sandbox Electronic Test Site (ETS) provides a facility where companies/vendors can check the basic construction of eTariff XML files. The Sandbox provides the basic types of data checks that the Commission performs and provides the error messages generated in the eTariff system.

eTariff Sandbox FTP site: Test tariff filing should be submitted to this address. Files submitted have no naming restrictions and must have a .zip as the extension. This is not a secure site. A generic username and password are required (all in lowercase):

Username - etsuser

Password - testxml#

Note: that this system does not retain data. However, if a valid company identifier is used and the filing uses a valid Tariff Identifier established in the Production account, then the company can make all categories of Test Tariff Filings that are appropriate based on the tariff status in the Production database. The Sandbox serves the role of helping companies/vendors ensure they are constructing their XML files correctly, with the expected values for specific data elements.

Be advised that since the ETS is intended only as a test tool, information sent to it will be considered available for public disclosure under 18 C.F.R. Part 388 and requests for confidential treatment of such information will not be considered. If actual tariff filing data is included in the test XML files, the data should not be above the security access level of "Public."

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This page was last updated on August 04, 2021