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The Secretary of the Commission serves as the official portal through which the Commission records all legal filings and notices of proceedings related to Commission actions, and all official actions of the Commission.  The Secretary records and preserves the minutes of all official actions taken by vote of the members of the Commission, and has exclusive authority to issue all official Commission actions, and to cause legal service of such actions on parties to the proceedings.  The Secretary promulgates and publishes all orders, rules and regulations of the Commission and prescribes the issuance date for these unless such date is prescribed by the Commission.

The Secretary also responds to inquiries from parties concerning pending proceedings and requests for interpretations of Commission orders, rules, regulations and decisions. The Commission has delegated to the Secretary authority to take a variety of actions including: signing official general correspondence on behalf of the Commission, ruling on untimely or contested motions to intervene, issuing notices of filings made with the Commission, and ruling on motions for extension of time to comply with Commission orders or regulations. The Secretary also provides substantive and legal guidance and general supervision of the agenda and minutes functions and document management functions. The Secretary is also responsible for the Commissions Record Management program.

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