With respect to Natural Gas projects, FERC safeguards the environment by:

  • Disclosing, analyzing and minimizing impacts where it is feasible and reasonable to do so.
  • Encourage applicants to communicate with relevant federal and state natural resources agencies, Indian tribes, and state water quality agencies, prior to submitting an application.
  • Ensuring that all applicants perform the necessary studies to make an informed decision on the project.
  • Issuing environmental assessments (EA) or draft and final environmental impact statement (EIS) for comment on most projects.
  • Including requirements with any certificate issued to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Visiting proposed project areas to determine the range of environmental issues requiring analysis and holding scoping meetings as appropriate.


Environmental Documents

Environmental Documents are posted here including Draft Environmental Impact Statements, Final Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments. FERC makes electronic copies of the draft and final EISs available to the public.

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FERC staff will conduct training seminars entitled "Environmental Review and Compliance for Natural Gas Facilities," that will be held at various locations throughout the United States, check here for times and locations.

These training seminars will be delivered by FERC staff and consultants with significant industry experience and insights.

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Below are various environmental guidelines and procedures prepared by FERC staff.

Guidelines for Development of Horizontal Directional Drill Monitoring, Inadvertent Return Response, and Contingency Plans (HDD Plan Guidance) (AD19-6-000) October 2019

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Third-Party Contractors

This program involves the use of independent contractors to assist Commission staff in its environmental review and preparation of environmental documents.

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