Effective March 7, 2014 FERC will not accept submittal - either in hardcopy format or in electronic format through "FERC Online" (including Efiling, eTariff and eComment) Notice

Company Registration



All eTariff Filings and certain form filings require that filers use Company Identifiers issued by the Commission. You must check the requirements for the form you need to file to determine if that form requires a Company Identifier. These requirements can be found at: https://ferc.gov/ferc-online/ferc-online/filing-forms

To receive a Company Identifier, companies must apply through a FERC Online application known as Company Registration. This application will permit a company to request a Company Identifier, modify information associated with an existing Company Identifier, transition Company Identifiers issued before August 12, 2013.

Companies that make filings on behalf of required filers also may obtain a Delegate Identifier that will permit required filers to designate these companies as permissible filers on their behalf.

Prior to requesting a Company Identifier or a Delegate Identifier, the user should read, understand and acquire the information that must be provided to complete the Company Registration process. The information requirements are explained in the Instructions for Company Registration . With the assembled information, the user should go to the Commission's FERC Online page and select Company Registration . The Instructions for Company Registration provides step-by-step instructions on how to register a company.

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