Privacy Program

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of its customers, individual citizens, and employees, and also dedicated to securing the personally identifiable information (PII) requested by the Commission. The most essential function of the FERC Privacy Program is to carry out the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1974, including other privacy-related laws and policies, together with balancing the information requirements and operational needs of FERC against the privacy interest of individuals.

The Senior Agency Official for Privacy (SAOP) leads the FERC Privacy Program and has agency-wide responsibility and accountability for implementing and maintaining the Program to ensure compliance with all applicable privacy-related statutes, regulations, policies and guidance.


Submit a Privacy Act Request

The Privacy Act permits you access to records about yourself that are maintained by FERC in a Privacy Act system of records. In addition, you may request that incorrect or incomplete information be changed or amended.

FERC’s Privacy Act Request.  For more information on FERC’s Privacy Act Request, please see here:

FERC Privacy Impact Assessments
OMB defines a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) as "an analysis of how information is handled [in a particular automated system]: (i) to ensure handling conforms to applicable legal, regulatory, and policy requirements regarding privacy, (ii) to determine the risks and effects of collecting, maintaining and disseminating information in identifiable form in an electronic information system, and (iii) to examine and evaluate protections and alternative processes for handling information to mitigate potential privacy risks" (OMB Memorandum M-03-22 Attachment A Section II.A.6.)

To view the PIA for a FERC automated system listed below, click on the system name:

» Intelliworx Cloud - Financial Disclosure

» eLibrary

» Office 365 (O365) Privacy Impact Assessment

» FERC Online (FOL) External

» FERC Online (FOL) Internal

» General Support System (GSS) 

» PeopleSoft PTA/PIA


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