Open Access: Commissioner Mark Christie

June 3, 2021
Reliability, Controlling Costs and Learning from the States

Open Access: Commissioner Clements-Public Feedback Makes for a Better OPP

April 28, 2021
Commissioner Allison Clements discusses the path to establishing FERC’s Office of Public Participation

Open Access: Catching Up with Chairman Glick

March 4, 2021
FERC Chairman Rich Glick joins Open Access to discuss the busy start to his term: cold weather power shutdowns, grid reliability, climate change, environmental justice and the Office of Public Participation.

Open Access: Order No. 2222

October 5, 2020
Chairman Chatterjee and Commissioner Glick explain what the landmark Order No. 2222 will mean for markets, consumers, the environment and the grid, and what’s next as the Commission dives in to carbon pricing in electric markets.

Open Access: Commissioner McNamee

August 27, 2020
Commissioner McNamee reflects on his time at the Commission.

FERC Interns and a Covid Summer

August 13, 2020
FERC Interns and a Covid Summer: FERC’s Summer 2020 interns take over Open Access to talk about what they did and what they learned.

2020’s Top 5, and What’s Coming Up at FERC

July 30, 2020
2020’s Top 5, and What’s Coming Up at FERC

FERC Staff discusses 2020 Summer Energy Market and Reliability Assessment in special Open Access podcast. Recorded May 19, 2020

May 21, 2020
FERC’s Policy and Reliability staff explain the 2020 FERC Summer Market and Reliability Assessment and what it means for the coming months.

Interview with the FERC Pandemic Liaison. Recorded April 29, 2020

May 4, 2020
FERC Pandemic Liaison Caroline Wozniak sits down with Open Access to discuss what she and her team are doing to assist regulated entities with their questions during the COVID-19 Crisis.