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What We Do

FERC Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) resolve contested cases as directed by the Commission, either by serving as a Presiding Judge, conducting a hearing, developing a record, rendering an initial decision, or by serving as a Settlement Judge and facilitating a negotiated resolution by settlement.
ALJs perform various other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures as directed by the Commission, including mediation, arbitration, and facilitation.

Some matters before the Commission are set for hearing before Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). The ALJ will issue an Initial Decision and the Commission will issue a final order for the proceeding. Appeals of Commission orders and regulations are heard in Federal Courts. FERC also facilitates settlements as an alternative to litigation.

Motions Directed to The Chief Judge

All motions directed to the attention of the Chief Judge should be sent to the following people:

Chief Judge Andrew Satten
Telephone: 202-502-8500

Deputy Chief Judge Renee Terry
Telephone: 202-502-8500

Brandon Flick
Telephone: 202-502-6068

Sharli Silva
Telephone: 202-502-8719 

Mary Franco
Telephone: 202-502-8069

Directory of Judges

Chief Administrative Law Judge

Deputy Chief Administrative Law Judge

Administrative Law Judges

Energy Industry Analysts

Name Telephone
Matthew O. Murray 202-502-8500
Michael Bullard 202-502-8500
Candace Lewis 202-502-8500

Legal Internships and ALJ Clerkships in OALJ

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Settlement Judge Preference Requests

When the Commission establishes settlement judge procedures for a proceeding, the Commission may permit the parties to submit preferred settlement judges.  Parties intending to submit such a request may select from the list of Administrative Law Judges on this webpage.   Any of these judges may be available to serve as settlement judge, but the requested judge may not be designated, depending on workload requirements or any legal requirements or restrictions that concern settlement judge appointment. 

Requests must be jointly submitted based on mutual agreement of the parties and up to three judges may be identified.  Requests may be submitted by calling the Office of Administrative Law Judges at (202) 502-8500. 

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