eLibrary Web Search allows users to locate submittals, issuances and rulings in the eLibrary system. The key new features of the modernized eLibrary Web Search include:

  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Simplified Search Forms
  • Improved Keyword Search
  • Customizable Search Result Displays
  • Enhanced Ability to Customize Zip Files

Streamlined Navigation

The navigation has been standardized, using menus for navigating pages. There are fewer pages to navigate in the modernized system, and by incorporating more information in search results and allowing refinement of results on the same page, the need to navigate is minimized.

Simplified Search Forms

Five search forms have been consolidated into three forms.

  • General Search: This search form comprises all available search criteria for locating eLibrary content. The re-designed General Search form incorporates all search criteria previously available in General Search, Advanced Search, and Daily Search. The results from this search are presented in a customizable table with functions to download, PDF, and zip files. This search does not require the filing to have a docket number.
    • Business Use: This form allows the user to find content when information such as docket number or accession number is not available. It affords the user the greatest amount of customization based on content and layout. It is the only search that supports a keyword search of eLibrary content.
  • Docket Search: This search form allows the user to locate information on a specific docket if the docket number is known. It displays all eLibrary activity for the selected docket. The user may refine the result based on a selection of sub-dockets. This search requires the filing to have a docket number.
    • Business Use: This form allows the user to follow the detailed submittal and issuance activity related to a single docket.
  • New Docket Only Search (Activity Management Tracking System (ATMS)) - This search form allows the user to search on a 10-day date range. Users may elect to use the date the docket number was created in the FERC Online Administration (FOLA) system or the date the docket was filed in the FOLA system. Since docket creation occurs before artifacts are indexed in the eLibrary Web Search system, new dockets which were filed in FOLA may appear in the New Docket search result before they are found using the other two search forms which rely on the artifact to be indexed. This search requires the filing to have a docket number.
  • Business Use: This form allows the user to locate filings as soon as they are assigned a docket number.

Improved Keyword Search

The improved keyword search supports more Boolean operators (such as And, Or, Not, and Near) and uses an advanced algorithm to index files.

Customizable Search Result Displays

The General Search Results allows the user to sort results by category, accession number, filed date, document date, and security level. Using the Select View menu, the user can expand the table of results to display all dockets and all files for all accession numbers in the result. This reduces the need to navigate to the file list page to view this information. Using the Select Columns menu, the user can add or remove columns to the table of results. For example, they can view the posted date, document date, and filed date for each accession number in the result.

Enhanced Ability to Customize Zip Files

Using the new Zip File function, the user can select up to 10 gigabytes (GB) of files across accession numbers and zip them into one file for download. Using the new Accession Menu (located on the Accession Number hyperlink) the user can zip all files for one accession number in one click.

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This page was last updated on November 18, 2022