During the summer of 2000 the Office of Energy Projects initiated studies to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures, for resource areas to include water quality, fish passage, shoreline management, and recreation that are frequently included in licenses issued by the Commission. This effort was undertaken to comply with the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993. Evaluations have been completed for water quality and shoreline management; recreation and fish passage have yet to be completed. Mitigation measures were evaluated in licenses issued between 1987 and 2002.

For fish passage, a report entitled, "Evaluation of Mitigation Effectiveness at Hydropower Projects: Fish Passage, Draft Report" was sent on September 30, 2003, to over 200 representatives from licensees, federal and state resource agencies and non-governmental organizations for review and comments. In conjunction with issuance of the draft fish passage report a workshop was held on November 13, 2003, at the Alden Research Laboratory in Holden, Massachusetts to receive comments on the draft report and to serve as an opportunity to exchange information on fish passage issues with the attendees. Speakers from federal and state resource agencies and licensees presented some of their work and experiences with effectiveness of fish passage facilities at Commission licensed projects in the Northeast. Around 70 people attended this workshop which also included a tour of the fish passage research facilities at the Alden Laboratory. The final fish passage report was issued on September 22, 2004. This report addressed comments received on the draft and during the fish passage workshop. The effectiveness of fish passage facilities at hydro projects on the Susquehanna River was included as a case study in the final report.

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