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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Documents & Filing Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR)

Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR)
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    Login Here to file Q3 2013 EQRs and later.
    If you need to refile an EQR for the 2nd Quarter 2013 and earlier, please see the link titled “2nd Quarter and Earlier” to the left.

    EQR Website Announcement
    January 17, 2017
    • Recently all FERC external servers have been updated to match required SSL protocol. This update includes the direct XML service for EQR users to submit their quarterly filings thru any 3rd party software. Read More DOC
    January 12, 2017
    • EQR Update 3.4 (updated): FERC staff has updated the Data Dictionary and the XML schema to be used beginning with EQR filings for the period Q1 2017. These documents include updates made in the June 16 and December 5, 2016 orders issued in Docket No. RM01-8, et al. The Primary Frequency Response product has been added to the Data Dictionary pursuant to Order No. 819.

    • » Data Dictionary PDF
      » Data Dictionary (redlined version) PDF
      » XML schema Structure XSD | Data Value XSD
    December 5, 2016
    • Order RM01-8-013: Commission issues EQR Order on Rehearing and Clarification regarding Filing Requirements for Electric Utility Service Agreements Order PDF
    November 17, 2016
    • EQR Users Group Meeting: Commission staff will facilitate a meeting with EQR users on December 8, 2016, from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST to discuss potential improvements to the EQR program and the EQR filing process. For more information and to register for this free event, please check Event Details
    November 10, 2016
    • Order RM01-8-000: Extends Compliance Effective Date of the June 16 Order (RM01-8, et al.) issued on November 7, 2016 Order PDF
    September 22, 2016
    June 16, 2016
    • Item E-7: FERC clarifies EQR reporting requirements and revises EQR Data Dictionary Decision PDF

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The links below should help a filer resolve common EQR filing errors.

Q2 2013 and Earlier Data Reports Q3 2013 and Beyond Data Reports