The Commission amends its regulations and the pro forma open access transmission tariff (pro forma OATT), adopted in Order No. 888, to remedy opportunities for undue discrimination and address deficiencies in the pro forma OATT that have become apparent since the issuance of these orders. The major reforms are:

  1. Greater consistency and transparency in ATC calculation.
  2. Open, coordinated and transparent planning on both a local and regional level.
  3. Reform of energy and generator imbalance penalties.
  4. Adoption of a "conditional firm" component to long-term point-to-point service and reform of existing requirements for the provision of redispatch service.
  5. Reform of rollover rights policy.
  6. Reform and greater clarity in areas that have generated recurring disputes over the past 10 years, such as rollover rights, "redirects," and generation redispatch.
  7. Clarify other tariff ambiguities.
  8. Increase transparency and customer access to information.

OATT Reform

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Pro Forma OATT


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