Project No. 10615-058

Commission staff will hold a meeting to consult with Tribes on the project’s relicensing and cultural resources at the project. 

The consultation meeting is open to all.  Participation in the discussion, however, will be limited to the Tribes and Commission staff.  The relicense applicant, Tower Kleber Limited Partnership, will be given an opportunity to describe its relicensing proposal for the project.  Others attending may do so as observers only.    

There will be no transcript of the meeting, but a summary of the meeting will be prepared for the project record.  In accordance with the requirements of section 304 of the National Historic Preservation Act and implementing regulations,[1] if the Tribes decide to disclose information about a specific location that could create a risk or harm to an archeological site or Native American cultural resource, attendees will be excused for that portion of the meeting and can return to the meeting after such information is disclosed.  Commission staff’s meeting summary will include an unredacted privileged version and a redacted public version that excludes information about the specific location of the archeological site or Native American cultural resource.

The consultation meeting will be held in person at the Onaway City Hall located at 20774 State Street, Onaway, Michigan 49765.  A teleconference option will be available for stakeholders that cannot attend the meeting in person.  If you are interested in attending via teleconference, please contact Arash Barsari at (202) 502-6207 or by December 4, 2023, to receive specific instructions on how to participate. 


[1] See 54 U.S.C. § 307103; 36 C.F.R. § 800.11(c).

Event Details

Date and Time
  • Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023 (1:00 PM EST - 2:00 PM EST)
  • Onaway City Hall
    20774 State Street, Onaway, Michigan 49765

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