This handbook begins with a brief historical overview of oil pipeline regulation and market-based rates, and a summary of the current Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC” or “Commission”) methodology and precedent for determining whether an oil pipeline is permitted to charge market-based rates. A detailed analysis of the history of oil pipeline rate methodology in the context of market-based rates follows, along with a discussion of relevant precedent and methodology established at the Commission and in the courts applicable to oil pipeline market-based rates. The most notable orders, regulations, Department of Justice reports, and cases on this subject are provided. Additionally, a table of the outcomes of the notable oil pipeline market-based rate cases filed at the Commission and a map of the markets the Commission has considered in market-based rate applications with indications regarding whether those markets were found to be competitive are provided to the right. A complete intact version of the Handbook to Market-Based Rates for Oil Pipelines is also provided to the right.

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  1. Summary of Commission Methodology And Precedent
    • Brief Historical Overview of Oil Pipeline Regulation and Market-Based Rates
    • Summary of Current Commission Market-Based Rate Methodology

  2. Historical Overview of Oil Pipeline Rate Regulation

  3. The Department of Justice’s Proposed Partial Deregulation of Oil Pipelines And Guidelines on Market Power

  4. The Move To Oil Pipeline Market-Based Rates

  5. Post Order No. 572 Market-Based Rate Cases
  6. Conclusion

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