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AMP: Automated mitigation procedures

ARR: Auction revenue rights

ATC: Available transfer capability

AZ-NM-SNV: Arizona-New Mexico-Southern Nevada (NERC subregion)



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Bcf: Billion cubic feet

Bcfd: Billion cubic feet per day

BPA: Bonneville Power Administration

Btu: British thermal unit



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CAISO: California independent system operator

CA-MX: California-Mexico (NERC subregion)

CAP: Capacity Market Programs

CC: Combined cycle

CCRO: Committee of Chief Risk Officers

CDD: Cooling degree days

CERA: Cambridge Energy Research Associates

CERS: California Energy Resources Scheduling

CFTC: Commodity Futures Trading Commission

COB: California-Oregon Border

COOP: Cooperative

CT: Combustion turbine



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DA: Day-ahead

DCA: Designated congestion area

DEC: Decremental (energy)

DEMO: Division of Energy Market Assessments (FERC/OE division)

DOE: Department of Energy

DPL: Delmarva Peninsula

DTH: Decatherms or Dekatherm (ten therms)



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ECAR: East Central Area Reliability Coordination Agreement (NERC region)

EFP: Exchange of futures for physical

EFS: Exchange of futures for swaps

EIA: Energy Information Administration

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

EQR: Electric Quarterly Report

ERCOT: Electric Reliability Council of Texas (NERC region)

ESP: Electric service providers



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FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FRCC: Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (NERC region)

FTR: Financial transmission right



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GISB: Gas Industry Standards Board

GW: Gigawatt (one billion watts)

GWh: Gigawatt-hour (one billion watt-hours)


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HVDC: High voltage direct current

HDD: Heating degree days



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I/C: Interruptible/Curtailable Services

ICAP: Installed capacity

ICE: IntercontinentalExchange

IM: Instant messaging

IMM: Independent market monitor

INC: Incremental (energy)

INP: Indian Point (nuclear plant in NYISO)

IOU: Investor-owned utility

IPP: Independent power producer

IRP: Integrated resource plan/planning

ISDA: International Swap Dealers Association

ISO: Independent system operator

ISO-NE: Independent System Operator-New England



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JOA: Joint operating agreement



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kW: One thousand watts


kWh: Kilowatt-hour (one thousand watt-hours)



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LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory

LBMP: Locational-based marginal price

LBNL: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

LDC: Local distribution company

LIPA: Long Island Power Authority

LMP: Locational marginal price/pricing

LNG: Liquefied natural gas

LSE: Load-serving entity



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MISO: Midwest Independent System Operator

MMBtu: Million British thermal units

MMcf: Million cubic feet

MMcfd: Million cubic feet per day

MMG: Market Monitoring Group (in ISO-NE)

MMU: Market monitoring unit

MRO: Midwest Reliability Organization (NERC region; successor to Mid-Continent Area Power Pool, or MAPP)

MW: Megawatt (one million watts)

MWh: Megawatt-hour (one million watt-hours)



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NAESB: North American Energy Standards Board

NBP: National balancing point
  NOx Budget Trading Program

NEMA: Northeast Massachusetts

Nepool: New England Power Pool

NERC: North American Electric Reliability Council

NGX: Natural Gas Exchange (in Canada)

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOx: Nitrogen Oxide

NP-15: North of Path 15 (in CAISO)

NPC: National Petroleum Council

NPCC: Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NERC region, geographically includes ISO-NE and NYISO)

NREL: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NWPP: Northwest Power Pool (NERC subregion)

NY: New York

NYC: New York City

NYISO: New York independent system operator

Nymex: New York Mercantile Exchange

NYPP: New York Power Pool

NYSERDA: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority



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O&M: Operations and maintenance

OCS: Outer Continental Shelf

OE: Office of Enforcement (FERC)

OECD: Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development

OPEC: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OOM: Out of market

OOS: Out of sequence

OTAG: Ozone Transportation Assessment Group

OTC: Over the counter



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PA: Public power authority
      Programmatic Agreement

P/E Ratio: Price/Earnings Ratio

PJM: PJM Interconnection

PPA: Power purchase agreement

PSC: Public service commission

PTC: Production tax credit

PUSH: Peaking Unit Safe Harbor

PX: Power Exchange (now defunct; in CAISO)



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REC: Renewable energy credit

RFC: ReliabilityFirst Corp. (NERC region)

RMPA: Rocky Mountain Power Area (NERC subregion)

RMR: Reliability must run

RPS: Renewable portfolio standard

RSI: Residual supply index

RT: Real time

RTEP: Regional Transmission Expansion Plan

RTO: Regional transmission organization

RTS: Real-time scheduling



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SBC: System benefit charge

SCADA: Supervisory control and data analysis

SCE: Southern California Edison

SEMA: Southeast Massachusetts

SERC: SERC Reliability Corp. (formerly Southeastern Electric Reliability Council, a NERC region that includes Entergy, Southern, TVA and VACAR)

SIP: NOx state implementation plan

SO2: Sulfur dioxide

SP-15: South of Path 15 (in CAISO)

SPP: Southwest Power Pool (NERC region)

SWCT: Southwest Connecticut



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TLR: Transmission loading relief

Transco: Transmitting Utility

TOU: Time of use pricing or rate

TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority (NERC subregion)



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VACAR: Virginia-Carolinas area (NERC subregion)

VIU: Vertically integrated utility

VRD: Virtual regional dispatch



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W: Watt

WECC: Western Electricity Coordinating Council (NERC Region)

Wh: Watt-hour

WTI: West Texas intermediate crude oil

WUMS: Wisconsin-Upper Michigan subregion



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ZP-26: Zone at Path 26 (in CAISO)


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