Current Version: Version 2, dated June 5, 2009
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the distribution center for the DAMSVR document, and all requests for copies of DAMSVR can be made to FERC as described here by completing the online form.

Any organization or person demonstrating a legitimate need to obtain a copy of DAMSVR will be provided a copy via electronic means free of charge. The FERC reserves the right to refuse distribution of DAMSVR to any organization and/or person if they cannot demonstrate a need to have the document (ref. Order No. 630, 630-A, Critical Energy Infrastructure Information).

Only one person from an organization should request DAMSVR from FERC. Each organization or person requesting a copy of DAMSVR must designate this person as the single Point of Contact (POC), who will be responsible for requesting copies from FERC and for distribution of DAMSVR within his/her organization, and only to those employees with a need to have a copy.While requesting DASMVR online, you will need to provide your name, organization, position, stated need for the document, and your intended use of the methodology.

When the request is completed, your organization will be registered as a DAMSVR user. In most cases, a copy of DAMSVR will be sent within five working days of a request. The POC can distribute DAMSVR only to employees within his/her organization, and if asked to provide copies from personnel outside their organization, they should direct the requestor to this FERC website.

It is anticipated that DAMSVR will be continually reviewed in order to provide the best product possible. FERC will retain the most current version of DAMSVR. Each copy of DAMSVR contains a Revision/Date Number and FERC will make every attempt to provide currently registered users with the latest version. The current Revision/Date Number will be posted on this page.

Users of DAMSVR are encouraged to refer to this site periodically to ensure that their copy is current. If your organization does not have the most current version of DAMSVR, your POC can request a revised copy via the link below. POCs are also encouraged to provide methodology feedback to FERC.

Users are encouraged to modify Table 1 to their organization's specific needs, and as such the tables will be provided in Microsoft Word format. Each organization should also insert the name of the POC on the cover page of the "Summary of Methodology" for internal use of DAMSVR and for users to identify who to contact for logistical reasons. The DAMSVR Comprehensive Manual will also be provided to users in Adobe© PDF format.

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