​​​​​​FERC’s Division of Dam Safety and Inspections (D2SI) will be conducting additional training classes on Revisions to the Part 12 Program and other risk analysis-related topics as indicated in the table below:

Course/Class Date Delivery Type Location

Part 12D Summary, Observations, and Lessons Learned -Year 1

Coming Late February to March 2024



PFMA and L2RA Observations and Lessons Learned - Year 1 Coming March 2024 Virtual N/A

Introduction to USACE SQRA & FERC L2RA Process & Guidelines, DLS-102 

April 3-4, 2024 (One-Day Training Offered Twice in Consecutive Days)

In Person

Louisville, KY

Hydrologic Hazard Analysis for L2RA

Late Fall 2024

In Person


Additional information on these training classes, including registration information will be provided in the near future.

More information on the above training is provided below. 

Part 12D Summary, Observations, and Lessons Learned - Year 1

This two-hour webinar will provide a summary of the information and observations gathered during the first year of the new Part 12D program and focus on Comprehensive Assessments.  The webinar will include lessons learned from inspection plans, pre-inspection preparation reports, PFMAs, L2RAs, and Comprehensive Assessment review meetings.  

PFMA and L2RA Observations and Lessons Learned - Year 1

This two-hour webinar will provide a summary of the information and observations gathered during the first year of PFMAs and L2RAs as part of Comprehensive Assessments.  The webinar will include lessons learned and provide more specific information and detail on PFMAs and L2RAs than the former webinar. 

Introduction to USACE SQRA and FERC L2RA Process and Guidelines, DLS-102

Explore how to prepare for, calculate and evaluate the results of semi- quantitative risk assessments (SQRA). The training will focus on the L2RA process, the calculations and information required to complete an L2RA, and how the L2RA results are used.

Target Audience - Technical staff of FERC licensees and consultants who
will be participating in or leading L2RA for a variety of purposes. This course
is appropriate for participants with other backgrounds or goals who could benefit from understanding all aspects of SQRA and L2RA.

Format - In-person, one day. This course will include lectures and demonstrations from USACE and FERC experts as well as hands-on exercises.
A workbook of required materials and online resources will be provided to participants. Participants must bring a laptop.

Registration & More Information – This course is team-taught by US Army Corps of Engineers and FERC D2SI RIDM Branch staff.

Professional Development Hours (PDH) 8 PDHs

(Registration subject to availability and is not guaranteed) Register at the following link:  RMC Training (army.mil)

Hydrologic Hazard Analysis for L2RA Training Class

This training will provide an understanding of flood hazard theory and methodology and how to develop hydrologic loading curves for Level 2 Risk Analysis (L2RA) using U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Risk Management Center RMC-BestFit and RMC-RFA tools.  The training will provide participants with the knowledge and understanding needed to perform routine and non-routine Hydrologic Hazard Analysis (HHA) for Risk Analysis. Participants will learn how to:

  • Perform and review Hydrologic Hazard Analysis using RMC BestFit and RMC-RFA software.
  • Identify data needs for Hydrologic Hazard Analyses commensurate with the purpose, type, and level of Risk Analysis.
  • Develop flow-, volume-, and stage-frequency curves.
  • Interpret and communicate flood hazard analysis results.

Full agenda here.

We encourage licensees, consultants, and others interested to attend.

To register, send the following information to:  RIDM@ferc.gov

Years of experience:
FERC licensee (Y/N):

The registration deadline is TBD.

Space is limited to 60 participants.  Participants from the same company or organization may be limited if the demand is high. 

Downloads & Course Materials

Link to training materials:  Training Materials

This training course includes demonstrations of spreadsheet tools (toolboxes) from RMC software and hands-on learning activities. Participants are required to bring a laptop and to download and install the following before the training:

  • RMC Toolboxes
  1. Visit www.rmc.usace.army.mil/Software/
  2. Click on “View Details” under each application: “RMC-RFA” and “RMC-BestFit”
  3. Click on the “Download” button and install the software

Other Risk Analysis Training Classes

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