Form 714 Overview

The Commission collects data from electric utility balancing authority and planning areas in the United States. Form 714 is authorized by the Federal Power Act and is a regulatory support requirement as provided by 18 CFR § 141.51 .

The data will be used to obtain a broad picture of interconnected balancing authority area operations including comprehensive information of balancing authority area generation, actual and scheduled inter-balancing authority area power transfers, and load; and to prepare status reports on the electric utility industry including review of inter-balancing authority area bulk power trade information.

Planning area data will be used to monitor forecasted demands by electric utility entities with fundamental demand responsibility, and to develop hourly demand characteristics.

Who Must Submit

The schedules in this report shall be completed as follows:

Each Balancing Authority Area Must File Parts I, II and IV

These parts shall be completed by each electric utility that operates a balancing authority area and each group of electric utilities, which are bound together through pooling contracts, holding company operations or other contractual arrangements that operate a balancing authority area.

In each balancing authority area there is generally one electric utility charged with operating the balancing authority area and its associated automatic generation control equipment. It is this utility that should complete Part I, II and IV.

In some large power pools, the balancing authority area may be operated by an agency designated by the members, or by a holding company subsidiary. In these cases, these parts should be completed by the organization responsible for operating the balancing authority area.

Electric utilities owning one or more generating plants located outside their balancing authority area, where the output is received and controlled by some other electric utility, should exclude such plans from consideration on Part II. The information pertaining to the excluded plant must be reported by the electric utility in whose area the plant is controlled.

Each Electric Utility With its Planning Area Annual Peak Demand Greater Than 200 Megawatts (MW) Must File Parts I, III and IV

Respondents should be those electric utilities charged with carrying out the resource planning and demand forecasts for the planning area. A typical respondent is an electric utility that is the principal resource planning and forecasting entity with an obligation to serve the planning area demands. The respondent could be supplying full and partial requirements wholesale power to other electric utilities.

In many instances, the information to be reported in Form 714 will have been reported to the respondent's regional reliability council. However, only utilities subject to the reporting requirements may submit a Form 714. Entities that are neither balancing authority area operators nor planning area operators, but who are authorized by their members to compile Form 714 data on their behalf, are required to make the data available to their balancing authority area operators and planning area operators in order that those area operators may file the data with the Commission.

How to Submit

Forms will be submitted via XBRL taxonomy and through eForms. The instructions for submission can be found at the Form 714 Filing Portal via the link on the side panel.

When to Submit

Submit this form on or before June 1 of the year following the calendar reporting year.

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