November is Native American Heritage Month also known as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage. National Native American Heritage Month celebrates the culture of Native Americans and the contributions they have made to the United States and the world. It is an opportunity to educate the public on Native American history and the challenges that the community continues to face today. 

In 1915, a plan concerning American Indian Day was formally approved in the annual Congress of the American Indian Association meeting. The first time American Indian Day was declared was in May 1916. In 1990, a joint resolution was approved by George H.W. Bush, which called for November to be named National American Indian Heritage Month (also known as Native American Indian Month). This month allows us to spread awareness about tribes and educate people about the various challenges faced by the Native Americans in the past and today. Throughout this month, we commit to supporting Native American tribes and bringing awareness to the world know about their sacrifices. 

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National Native American Heritage Month 

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