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 Submission Application Programming Interface (API)

o    FERC Submission API Step by Step Guide (PDF) (12/4/2020)
o    JSON Collection File (zip) (12/4/2020)


To render the XBRL file as an HTML (Inline XBRL) form, use the FERC rendering tool. The rendering code is included as an Arelle plugin that uses a FERC Form-specific template set to generate the rendering of the filing. Please see the ReadMe file in the rendering package.


The validation rules are coded in XULE and published as a ruleset file. There is a ruleset file for each form category (i.e. Form No. 1, Form No. 2, Form No. 6, Form No. 60, and Form No. 714). Each form category includes any related eForms.  For example, the ruleset file for Form No. 1 contains files for Form Nos. 1, 1-F and 3-Q (electric); the Form No. 2 ruleset file contains files for Form Nos. 2, 2-A and 3-Q (natural gas); and the Form No. 6 ruleset file contains files for Form Nos. 6 and 6-Q.

Code Library

The Code Library Blank Rendered Forms, Sample Renderings, Rendering Templates, Validation Rulesets, and Sample Instance Files has been moved to the Taxonomy History page in the eForms portal. 


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