These are summaries of orders voted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at its April 25 public meeting. The summaries are produced by FERC’s Office of External Affairs and are intended to provide only a general synopsis of the orders. These summaries are not intended as a substitute for the Commission’s official orders. To determine the specific actions and the Commission’s reasoning, please consult the individual orders when they are posted to FERC’s eLibrary found at

E-1  |  Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc., Docket No. ER24-340-001

Order Addressing Arguments Raised on Rehearing

The order addresses a request for rehearing by the American Clean Power Association, the American Council on Renewable Energy, the Solar Energy Industries Association, and Clean Grid Alliance (collectively, Clean Energy Associations) of the Commission’s January 19, 2024 order on certain reforms to Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.’s (MISO) generator interconnection procedures.  The order sustains the Commission’s decision to accept MISO’s proposal to adopt an automatic withdrawal penalty.   

E-2 |  California Independent System Operator Corp., Docket No. ER24-1225-000

Order Accepting Tariff Revisions

The order accepts a proposal by the California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO) to increase the level of its capacity procurement mechanism soft offer cap, as required by CAISO’s Open Access Transmission Tariff.  CAISO proposes to increase the cap from $6.31/kW-month to $7.34/kW-month.

E-3  |  Moscow Development Company, LLC, Docket No. ER24-1295-000

Order Denying Waiver Request

The order denies Moscow Development Company, LLC’s (MDC) request for waiver of Schedule 22, section 3.4.1 of the ISO New England Inc. (ISO-NE) Open Access Transmission Tariff, which sets forth the deadline to withdraw MDC’s Radar Solar project from ISO-NE’s interconnection queue, to allow ISO-NE to return to MDC the unapplied portion of MDC’s initial deposit for the project’s interconnection request.  The order finds that the waiver request is retroactive in nature and therefore prohibited by the filed rate doctrine. 

E-5 |  Standards for Business Practices and Communication Protocols for Public Utilities, Docket No. RM05-5-31

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposes to amend Commission regulations to incorporate by reference, with certain enumerated exceptions, the latest version (Version 4.0) of business practice standards adopted by the Wholesale Electric Quadrant of the North American Energy Standards Board in place of the currently incorporated version of the standards. The standards would enhance the electric industries’ systems and software security measures and improve efficiencies of certain business processes transactions.

G-1  |  Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC, Docket No. RP18-75-008

Order Approving Settlement Extension

The order approves an extension to the term of Algonquin’s existing comprehensive settlement.  

C-1 |  El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C., Docket No. CP23-546-000

Order Denying Protest and Authorizing Construction

The order denies a protest and authorizes El Paso to construct and operate a two-mile-long, 30-inch-diameter pipeline loop on its existing system in Texas under its blanket certificate. The project is designed to alleviate a capacity constraint and provide an additional 20,021 dekatherms per day of firm transportation service on El Paso's system to delivery points in Arizona. El Paso executed firm transportation service agreements for 100 percent of the project’s transportation service.

C-2  |  Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC, Docket No. CP23-492-000

Order Issuing Certificate

The order authorizes Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC to construct and operate the South Louisiana Project in St. Landry, East Baton Rouge and Washington Parishes, Louisiana, and Perry County, Mississippi.  The project will provide up to 100,000 dekatherms per day of firm transportation service for Florida Power & Light Company.

C-3  |  Cove Point LNG, LP, Docket No. CP23-539-000

Order Reauthorizing Facilities Under Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act and Granting in Part and Denying in Part Abandonment

Cove Point LNG, LP filed an application to abandon its existing LNG terminal’s section 7 certificate and requested the Commission reauthorize the terminal under section 3, except for one liquefier that would remain certificated to provide section 7 peaking service.  The order: (1) denies Cove Point’s request to abandon its section 7 certificate; (2) grants Cove Point’s request for authorization of the terminal under section 3; and (3) grants Cove Point’s request to abandon services provided under Rate Schedule LTD-1, cancel that rate schedule, and implement associated tariff revisions.

C-4  |  Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC, Docket No. CP19-14-003

 Order Addressing Arguments Raised on Rehearing

The order addresses a request for rehearing of the Commission’s December 19, 2023, order and sustains the Commission’s decision to grant Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC a three-year extension of time to complete construction of the Mountain Valley Southgate Project.

C-5  |  Great Basin Gas Transmission Company, Docket No. CP23-466-000

Order Issuing Certificate and Approving Abandonment

The order grants the requested authorizations, subject to certain conditions, by Great Basin Gas Transmission Company. On May 1, 2023, Great Basin filed an application under sections 7(b) and (c) of the Natural Gas Act (NGA) and Part 157 of the Commission's regulations for authorization to abandon, construct and operate its 2024 Expansion Project in Douglas, Lyon and Storey Counties, Nevada. The project is designed to enable Great Basin to provide an additional 5,674 dekatherms per day of incremental firm transportation service for two local distribution companies.

H-1  |  Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County, Washington,

Project No. 943-146

Order Granting Approval Under Section 22 of the Federal Power Act

The order approves a contract under section 22 of the Federal Power Act, which provides for the sale of power from Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County, Washington’s Rock Island Project No. 943 to Puget Sound Energy, Inc., beyond the term of the current license.

H-2  |  Cabin Run Pumped Storage, LLC, Project No. 15318-000

Order Issuing Preliminary Permit and Granting Priority to File License Application

The order issues a preliminary permit and grants priority to file a license application to Cabin Run Pumped Storage, LLC, to study the feasibility of the Cabin Run Pumped Storage Project.  The proposed closed-loop pumped hydropower project would be located near the Stony River and the community of Bismarck in Tucker and Grant Counties, West Virginia.

H-3 |  Pumped Hydro Storage LLC, Project No. 15024-000

 Order Denying Application for Preliminary Permit

The order denies the preliminary permit application filed by Pumped Hydro Storage LLC to study the feasibility of the Big Canyon Pumped Storage Project No. 15024, proposed to be located entirely on Navajo Nation land, in Coconino County, Arizona, in light of the Navajo Nation’s opposition to the application.







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