FERC Chairman Rich Glick today outlined the Commission’s critical priorities, including modernizing and protecting the electric grid, improving energy infrastructure siting reviews and bolstering public participation in Commission proceedings, in a new five-year Strategic Plan.

“America’s energy landscape is undergoing profound change. The demand for cleaner electricity is rapidly reshaping the resource mix, and FERC must consider how to ensure the reliable delivery of affordable electricity,” Chairman Rich Glick said.

“Meanwhile, the increased attention paid to how the U.S. generates, transports and consumes energy provides an opportunity to ensure that FERC’s permitting of necessary energy infrastructure is more efficient, open, inclusive and performed with an eye to the future.  Against this backdrop, we have an important role to protect our energy infrastructure against threats driven by extreme weather and cyberattacks,” Glick said.

FERC’s core mission continues to be ensuring reliable, safe, secure and economically efficient energy for consumers at a reasonable cost. To support that responsibility, the fiscal year 2022-2026 Strategic Plan sets out six priorities:  modernizing electricity market design; improving the siting and review process for FERC-regulated energy infrastructure; safeguarding electric infrastructure from emerging threats to reliability and security; facilitating development of the electricity infrastructure needed for the changing resource mix; improving accessibility and participation in FERC proceedings; and promoting a strong and robust enforcement program.

The plan demonstrates how FERC will execute on each priority, including a series of related goals and objectives. The Commission will report progress made toward each priority in its annual Congressional Justification document.


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This page was last updated on March 31, 2022