Docket No. CP17-40-007

FERC today issued a temporary certificate to Spire STL Pipeline LLC to continue operating its pipeline serving the greater St. Louis area.

In order for the extension to take effect, Spire must accept the certificate, in writing, within three business days, the Commission said.

On June 21, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit vacated, and remanded back to the Commission, the  2018 certificate the Commission had issued to Spire, holding that the Commission improperly relied on a single precedent agreement between Spire and its affiliated shipper to establish need and failed to adequately weigh the project benefits against the adverse effects.  In light of this decision, Spire submitted a July application for a temporary certificate seeking to continue operations to serve customers through the 2021-22 winter heating season.  In September, the Commission issued a 90-day certificate to ensure that the pipeline could continue operating as the Commission considered the July application.  

Today’s order responds to Spire’s July application by determining that issuance of a temporary certificate will ensure maintenance of service to customers through the 2021-22 winter heating season. It requires Spire to continue restoration activities along its right-of-way, but does not authorize construction of any additional facilities.

The Commission continues to work to address the issues on remand from the D.C. Circuit.


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