(Docket No. AD20-18-000) (Free Web Cast

The technical conference will be webcast live at FERC’s Capitol Connection page: http://ferc.capitolconnection.org/

Technical conference to discuss whether existing Commission transmission, interconnection, and merchant transmission facility frameworks in RTOs/ISOs can accommodate anticipated growth in offshore wind generation in an efficient and effective manner that safeguards open access transmission principles and to consider possible changes or improvements to the current framework should they be needed to accommodate such growth

The conference will be webcast for the public to attend electronically. A supplemental notice will be issued prior to the technical conference with further details regarding the agenda and if there are changes to the date or time of the technical conference.  

Individuals who are interested in registering for the conference can do so here: https://www.ferc.gov/news-events/events/event-registration.  

This page was last updated on March 11, 2021