Increasing Market and Planning Efficiency Through Improved Software and Hardware - Enhanced wide-area planning models (Washington, DC)(Free Webcast)

The 2nd in a series of 3 conferences.This conference will focus on enabling a more efficient planning and cost allocation process through the employment of better large-scale transmission expansion and economic planning models. Integration of more components of the planning process into a single modeling framework should lead to an overall improvement in planning efficiency. Better models are required to efficiently plan transmission investments in an environment of competitive markets with locationally-constrained variable resources. Discussions at the conference will include issues surrounding the integration and modeling of variable energy resources and demand resources (DR, DG, and storage) in planning software.

Additional issues to be discussed include planning under uncertainty, optimal selection of transmission investments among alternatives, modeling generation expansions in transmission planning models, detailed representation of the transmission system in economic planning models, incorporating reliability and adequacy requirements into economic planning models, market-based investment models, and development of a planning model test bed to benchmark models and techniques. Algorithmic approaches in economic planning will also be presented and discussed.

This conference will be held at:


888 First Street, NE Washington, DC

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