Increasing Market and Planning Efficiency Through Improved Software and Hardware - Enhanced ISO and RTO unit-commitment models (Washington, DC)(Free webcast available)

The 1st in a series of 3 conferences.Enhanced ISO and RTO unit-commitment models.This conference will focus on improving the performance of the day-ahead market and the integration of variable resources, demand resources (DR, DG, and storage) and other technologies by developing unit-commitment models that consider uncertainty and that can accommodate more robust physical and market constraints. Improvements in formulations and solution techniques for unit-commitment will be presented and discussed. Better modeling will be discussed for both new and existing assets.

Technology-specific modeling issues and bidding parameters will be discussed for a wide range of resources including wind, solar, demand resources (DR, DG, and storage), electric vehicles, dispatchable transmission, and combined cycle generating stations. Additional topics discussed at this conference will include co-optimization (with respect to energy, reserves, ramp rates, and network topology), settlement calculations, and development of a unit-commitment test bed to benchmark the speed of solution techniques.

This conference will be held at:


888 First Street, NE Washington, DC

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