Please do the following to access the document(s):

  1. Click on link for desired document.
  2. Download and save the PDF to your computer/desktop.  To download and save, click on the small file folder icon with the down arrow on the righthand side of the screen.
    a) Depending on which version of Edge is installed on your computer, you may see options for OPEN and SAVE AS.  Choose SAVE AS and save the file to your desired folder. 
    b) Alternatively, you might only see OPEN.  Do not choose OPEN. Rather to the right of OPEN you may see another small folder icon.  Click on that small folder icon to see where the file has been saved.
  3. Open the location on your computer/file folder where the PDF has been saved
  4. Select and open the PDF you downloaded with Adobe Reader. The PDF should open as normally.
  5. Enter data/information as appropriate and save to your computer/file folder with file name as instructed by FERC Form 580 Desk Reference.

This page was last updated on August 10, 2022