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Environmental Documents

Note: Beginning in 2016 all Environmental Documents will be posted here.

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Final Environmental Impact Statements
Leach XPress and Rayne XPress Expansion Projects (CP15-514-000, CP15-539-000)
Golden Pass Products, LLC; and Golden Pass Pipeline, LLC’s Golden Pass LNG Export Project (Docket Nos. CP14-517-000, and CP14-518-000)
The Rover Pipeline, Panhandle Backhaul, and Trunkline Backhaul Projects (Docket Nos. CP15-93-000, CP15-94-000 and CP15-96-000)
Environmental Assessments
Transco to Charleston Project PDF | Notice PDF (CP16-98-000)
Cameron LNG, LLC PDF (CP15-560-000)
Elba Liquefaction Project (CP14-103 and CP14-115)