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Environmental Documents

Note: Beginning in 2016 all Environmental Documents will be posted here.

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Final Environmental Impact Statements
Venture Global Calcasieu Pass, LLC and TransCameron Pipeline, LLC - Calcasieu Pass Project (CP15-550-000, CP15-551-000, CP15-551-001)
Midcontinent Supply Header Interstate Pipeline Project (PF17-3, CP17-458)
Southeast Market Pipelines Project (CP14-554-002, CP15-16-003, and CP15-17-002)
Environmental Assessments
Line KA1 North Launcher/Receiver Project PDF (CP18-508-000)
Portland Xpress Project PDF (CP18-506-000)
Northern Lights 2019 Expansion/Rochester Projects PDF (CP18-534-000)
South Mainline Expansion Project PDF (CP18-332-000)
Freeport LNG Train 4 Project PDF (CP17-470-000)
Empire North Project PDF (CP18-89-000)
Cameron System Abandonment Project PDF (CP18-485-000, CP18-486-000, CP18-505-000)
Saskatchewan Pipeline Project PDF (CP18-24-000)
North Padre Island Lateral Abandonment Project PDF (CP18-260)
Temple Truck Rack Expansion Project PDF (CP17-14-000)
Iron Bank Meter Station Project PDF (CP18-499-000)
North Fork Nooksack Line Lowering PDF (CP17-133-000)
Line 8000 Replacement Project PDF (CP18-13-000)
Sweden Valley Project PDF (CP18-45)
West Peetz and Lewis Creek Amendment Project PDF (CP18-11-000)
Marshall County Mine Panel 18W Project PDF (CP17-468-000)
Gulf Connector Expansion Project PDF (CP16-494-000)
TX – LA Markets Project PDF (CP18-10-000)
Lambertville East Expansion Project PDF (CP18-26-000)
Gateway Expansion Project PDF (CP18-18-000)
UGS-Crawford Meter Station Project PDF (CP18-118)
Risberg Line Project PDF (CP18-6-000)
Fields Point Liquefaction Project (CP16-121-000)
North Lake Pagie and Bay Junop – Bay Round Pipeline Abandonment Project PDF (CP18-116-000)
Sierrita Compressor Expansion Project PDF (CP18-37-000 and CP18-38-000)
Southern Trail Pipeline Abandonment Project PDF (CP18-39-000, CP18-40-000)
Herscher Northwest Storage Field Abandonment Project PDF (CP18-12-000)
Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project PDF (CP17-80)
Billy Creek Storage Field Abandonment Project PDF (CP17-469)
North Seattle Lateral Upgrade Project PDF (CP17-441)
Blue Mountain Delivery Line Project PDF (CP18-14)
Okeechobee Lateral Pipeline Project PDF (CP17-463)
Florida Gas Transmission’s 18-Inch Mainline Abandonment Project PDF (CP18-33)
Rivervale South to Market Project – NJ PDF (CP17-490)
Westlake Expansion Project PDF (CP17-476)