Data as of March 2021

These items include major projects that add capacity. The items listed do not include abandonments, minor projects that do not include any facilities, projects under the blanket program, storage projects or LNG terminal projects that do not include pipelines.

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Docket No. Company/Project Capacity (MMcf/d) Miles of Pipe Compression (HP) States Filing Date
CP19-00473-000, PF18-00002-000 Brooke County Access I, L.L.C., Equitrans, L.P./Tri-State Corridor Project 140.00 16.70 0 PA, WV 5/31/19
CP20-00527-000 Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLC/East Lateral XPress Project 183.00 8.14 46,940 LA 09/24/20
CP21-00014-000 Adelphia Gateway, LLC/Marcus Hook Electric Compression Project 16.5   3,000 PA 12/7/20
CP21-00045-000 Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC/Big Bend Project 29.0 3.20 8,000 FL 1/29/21
CP21-00078-000 ANR Pipeline Company/Wisconsin Access Project 50.71     WI 3/12/21
CP20-503-000, PF20-1-000 Northern Natural Gas Company/Northern Lights 2021 Expansion 45.69 1.51 12,253 MN 07/31/20
CP20-52-000, CP20-52-001, PF19-7-000 WBI Energy Transmission, Inc./North Bakken Expansion Project Amendment 250.00 92.50 15,000 ND 07/28/20
CP20-493-000 Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C./East 300 Upgrade Project 115.00 0 50,607 NJ, PA 06/30/20
CP20-486-000 Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company/Tuscarora XPress 15.00 0 780 NV 06/24/20
CP20-484-000, CP20-485,000 ANR Pipeline Company, Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partnership/Alberta XPress Project 165.00 0 15,900 LA 06/22/20
CP20-68-000, CP20-70-000, PF19-3-000 Enable Gas Transmission, LLC, Enable Gulf Run Transmission, LLC/Gulf Run Pipeline, Line CP Modifications 1,723.20 134.00 0 LA, TX 02/28/20
CP20-50-000, CP20-51-000 Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C., Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C./Evangeilne Pass Expansion Project, Evangeline Pass Expansion Project 2,200.00 13.10 45,690 LA, MS 02/07/20
CP20-48-000 Iroquois Gas Transmission System, LP/Enhancement by Compression Project 125.00 0 48,000 CT, NY 02/03/20
CP20-27-000 North Baja Pipeline, LLC/North Baja Xpress Project 495.00 0 31,900 CA, AZ 12/16/19
Docket No. Company/Project Capacity (MMcf/d) Miles of Pipe Compression (HP) States Filing Date
CP19-473-000,PF18-2-000 Brooke County Access I, L.L.C., Equitrans, L.P., Tri-State Corridor Project 140.00 16.7 0 PA, WV 05/31/19

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