Hinshaw Pipelines are local distribution pipelines or companies served by interstate pipelines that are not subject to Commission jurisdiction by reason of section 1(c) of the Natural Gas Act.

A Hinshaw Pipeline must obtain a Part 284, subpart G, Blanket Certificate to sell or transport gas in interstate commerce.

Pursuant to 284.224(e), in general, any transaction authorized under a blanket certificate is subject to the same:

  • rates and charges,
  • terms and conditions, and
  • reporting requirements

that apply to a transaction authorized for an intrastate pipeline under subparts C and D.

Hinshaw pipelines that receive a Part 284, subpart G, Blanket Certificate to transport natural gas on behalf of:

  • any interstate pipeline or
  • any local distribution company served by an interstate pipeline

must file with the Commission rates, charges and a Statement of Operating Conditions (SOC) (tariff) pursuant to section 284.123 of the Commission’s regulations.


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This page was last updated on May 07, 2020