Proposed Licensing Process for Hydrokinetic Pilot Projects graphic.


To develop a pilot project licensing process that can be completed in as few as six months, provides for Commissionoversight and agency input, and allows developers to generate while testing.

Pre-Application Activity

Applicant Files Notice of Intent & Draft Application; Requestfor Designation of Non-Federal Representative for ESA & Section 106 (NHPA). 

  • Agencies and Others File Comments on Draft Application.
  • Commission Initiates Tribal Consultation and Designates Applicant as Non-Federal Rep for ESA and NHPA

Post Filing Activity

Applicant Files License Application, Study and Monitoring Plan, Applicant Prepared DBA, CZMA Application, and 401 Application (if needed).

  • Acceptance & REA Notice and Requestfor Interventions.
  • Commission Issues BA.
    • Agencies and Others File Comments on Application. Recommendations, Conditions, and Monitoring Requests.
      • Commission Issues Single EA if FONSI.
      • Comments on EA;10 J Resolution.


This page was last updated on July 07, 2020