I can’t find the notification email from eRegistration during account creation.

Check your junk and spam email folder and if still can’t find it, contact FERC Online

I can’t file using eFiling and I already completed partial eRegistration when registering email with FERC. 

Check that you completed a Full Registration in eRegistration, log in to FERC Online and click “edit registration” to complete Full Registration.

My FERC account is deactivated. 

You must recertify your account every year.  To reactivate your account email  or call 1-866-208-3676.



I have a FERC account but can’t use eComment.

If you have a fully registered FERC account, you can log into FERC Online to submit your eComment. A FERC account is not required for eComment, you must complete the simple sign-up steps.


I typed my comment into eComment, but I can’t proceed to submit.

The system does not allow special characters and image tags (for example, ^&@# or <img> src="“alt=").

I can’t upload a file with my comments to Rulemaking docket.   

Use eFiling system.  Ecomment is only for docket pre-fixes P, PF, CP, PT, and ET, simple 6000-character limit, no attachments.



I can’t type in my comment like I did using eComment and the system seems stuck.

eFiling will not allow you to type comments the way you can for eComment. You must upload a file to comment use eFiling. You can file a doc-less intervention without having to attach a document.



I am receiving too many email notifications after subscribing. I only want to receive the Company filings and Commission Issuances. 

When you subscribe to a docket you will receive email notices for all documents in the docket and subdockets. Another way to follow a docket is by periodically checking eLibrary.

The links to documents in a docket included in email notifications from eSubscription don’t work. The link says “safelink”.  

Your organization’s network security rules may be encrypting FERC’s links.

 Where can I subscribe to get FERC press releases?

You can use eSubcription to sign up to receive FERC press releases.

  1. eRegistration: Problem:  Can’t find the notification email from eRegistration during account creation, check your junk and spam email folder.  Still can’t find it, contact
  2. eRegistration: There are two levels of registering an email with the Commission. Partial registration and Full registration.  Partial registration allows you to eSubscribe to a proceeding to receive notifications.  Full registration allows you to file with the Commission. It is easy to overlook these two levels. FERC Online staff can check your eRegistration status and clarify which level you completed. To fix this issue, login under FERC Online and go to “edit registration” to complete the full registration. 
  3. eRegistration: Your eRegistration account must be recertified every year. If the account is not recertified after a notice is sent out, it will deactivate automatically. To reactivate a deactivated account, you must contact FERC Online support.
  4. eComment: If you have an existing and fully registered FERC account you will not be able to login to eComment without logging into your FERC account. But you don’t need an existing FERC account to use eComment.  eComment has its own separate sign up.
  5. eComment: The system does not allow any typed-in special characters (for example, ^&@#) and no image tags, which are instructions for displaying an image like an electronic signature or logo (for example, <img src="“alt="" width="" height="“).
  6. eComment: eComment only supports docket pre-fixes P, PF, CP, PT, and ET and no attachments. Don’t try to file a comment in a rulemaking or policy statement proceeding docket using eComment. Docket Prefix List (
  7. eFiling: Unlike in eComment, in eFile you must upload a file rather than type in a comment to submit a comment. If you are filing an intervention, you don’t need to upload a file.  You have the option of selecting either a Docless Intervention or an intervention option that allows you to upload a PDF or Word document.
  8. eSubscription: When you subscribe to a docket you get email notifications for all applicant filings and Commission issuances posted in eLibrary in that docket.  Consider whether you would like to subscribe to receive all communications in the docket. For example: you might not want to subscribe to a rulemaking proceeding or a natural gas pipeline docket if you don’t want to get an email every time someone submits a comment.  eSubscription does not allow you to limit your subscription to a specific subdocket or to only Commission Issuances or only Applicant submissions.
  9.  eSubscription: If the email notifications you receive from eSubscription do not work, it could be that your organizations’ cyber security rules are automatically changing the link to a record within the notification email and so the link does not work. These altered links say “safelink”.  If you experience this, you may contact FERC Online staff who can check if an eSubscription email was sent to the registered email.
  10. eSubscription: You may eSubscription to all FERC press releases to get information about major items issued by the Commission. For example: you would get information about all rulemakings the Commission initiates among other items.

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