Members of the public may receive docketed correspondence, issuances, and news releases electronically by registering with FERC Online.

When you register for eSubscription and subscribe to a specific docket, you'll be notified via email about all future submittals and issuances. You will also be able to retrieve public documents through the links in the emails. For Privileged or CEII documents, refer to our FOIA & CEII section.

(Note: You will not be emailed correspondence filed or issued prior to the date you subscribe to a particular docket).

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register to create a new FERC Online account to obtain a FERC I.D. and password. Please note that you will need to do this even if you have an eFiling account.
  2. Go to your email program's inbox and open the message from FERC Online. Click on the link to validate your account.
  3. Once you are a registered FERC Online User, log in to FERC Online by entering your registered email address/FERC I.D. and your password.
  4. Select the docket numbers you want to keep track.

You'll be notified via email as correspondence comes in and out of FERC. You can edit your profile and make changes to the dockets you're tracking easily and at any time.

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This page was last updated on March 25, 2024