Account Access and Creation

An eRegistration account will need to be created for access to eFiling, eSubscription, and the Service List, or for additions to the Service List.

Existing users can gain access either by clicking on “Log In” or by clicking on one of these applications: eFiling, eSubscription, or the Service List.

Account Creation:
Click on “New User” or “Sign Up” to be directed to the account creation page.

Once the required information has been entered, the user has two options:
1. Click “Done” for access ONLY to eSubscription.
  • If this option is chosen, users will not have access to eFiling and the Service List .
2. Click “Next” for access to eSubscription, eFiling, and the Service List.
  • Requires address, phone, organization, and an alternate contact.
A confirmation email will be sent with a link to activate the FERC Online account.

Before Filing:
  • Certain documents cannot be eFiled. Refer to the Filing Guide and Qualified Documents List PDF for guidance on what can be eFiled and the appropriate Filing Type selection.
  • Some submissions may have a Filing Fee associated with them.
  • Please allow sufficient time for filings. Filings will be considered next day if they are filed after 5pm Eastern Time.
  • Up to 200 files can be uploaded in each of the security classes with a 50MB limit per file.
  • Zip files are acceptable as long as the number of files contained is less than 200 and each of these files is less than 50MB.
  • There is a 60 character limit on file names and they must not contain any special characters.
  • Package the files to be uploaded according to their security: Public, Privileged, and CEII. This will make uploading the files much easier.
  • Large Format pages (generally maps or drawings that when printed require a page size greater than 11 x 17) should be put into a separate file.
  • Cookies need to be enabled on the Internet browser. Review the Commission’s Privacy Act Assessment PDF.
  • For information on Docket prefixes, see Docket Prefix PDF.
  • Tariffs and certain tariff-related documents cannot be eFiled at this time. Check the Filing Guide and Qualified Documents List PDF (revised January 3, 2012). For information on eTariffs, scheduled for production in April 2010, see eTariffs.
  • Tariffs and tariff-related documents must not be eFiled. Information about filing Tariffs can be found here
  • Information about eFiling Electronically Quarterly Reports (EQR). see EQR.
Create a Submission:
  • If a submission is interrupted due to periods of inactivity or the session is abruptly ended, the information entered will be saved.
  • To access this session, click on “Resume Filing.”
  • Access to any of FERC’s systems can be achieved either by clicking the “Log In” button on the left pane or simply by clicking on the system to be used.
Submission Type:
  • Select to whom the filing will be directed, the type of filing, and the fee
    • A selection must be made in each column.
    • If there is a payment, a link will be provided to the U.S. Department of Treasury website.
    • A favorites option is provided to save steps when you repeatedly make filings of the same type.
Existing Dockets:

Dockets can be added individually by using the search feature, or multiple dockets can be added at one time using quick entry.
  • Dockets entered in the docket search screen need to match the dockets listed in the submission file. Failure to do this may result in an improper eLibrary listing.
  • Multiple dockets can be searched for and selected.
  • At least four characters must be entered into the search field in order to query the database.
  • The entire docket, the root and the sub docket, are not required when performing a search from this screen. However, the entire docket, including the sub docket will be displayed in the results list.
  • The docket numbers, once selected, will be displayed in the Selected Dockets field.
File Upload:
  • Browse and select the file to be uploaded.
    • This can be completed multiple times for multiple files.
    • Files can be removed by clicking the red “X” beside them.
  • Descriptions are recommended and provide a basis for reference of what is contained in a file or group of files.
  • Security for files is selected under the appropriate tab (Public, Privileged, or CEII)
    • Each filing must have at least one Public file. The screen is defaulted on “Public.”
    • If a submission contains files that are Privileged or CEII, click on the appropriate tab and upload the files.
  • Indicate if a file is large format by clicking on the check box.
  • The up/down arrows provide a means to reorder file submissions.
Changing Security of Uploaded Files:
  • Group Change – Changes all files in the tab
    • Under the security type tab, select which type of security the group will be changed to.
    • Click “Change.” This will move the files from the current tab to the appropriate tab.
  • Individual File Change
    • Click in the “Change Security” box.
    • Select the security to be assigned to the file.
    • Click “Change.” This will move the files from the current tab to the appropriate tab.
Filing Party/Parties:
    On behalf of another Party(ies):
  • “Party” is the company, group, or organization listed on the document that is to be submitted.
  • Select the appropriate party(ies) then click next.
    • Enter at least three characters of the company name to be added.
    • “Starts with” searches in the beginning of the name.
    • “Contains” searches within the name.
  • Click the blue “+” beside the company to add it to the list.
  • Multiple companies can be added from here.

  • An organization may need to be added if it is not found:
    • Click the “New Organization” button.
    • Enter the organization name, then click “Add”
    • The organization will be added to the “Selected Organization” box.
    If the filing is being submitted on your behalf:
  • Select “As an Individual”
  • Click “Next”

All email addresses entered must have a validated eRegistration account.

Each party must have a contact person associated with it.

Names added as contacts will be added to the service list if the submission is a new application, motion to intervene, answer to a complaint, or notice of appearance. These names should be reflected in the document submitted.
  • Select the filing party
  • Add a validated eRegistration email address for the contact.
  • Select if the person is a “Signer” or “Other Contact.”
  • Click on “Add as a Signer” or “Add as Other Contact.” Repeat this for each party and for every individual associated with the party(ies).
  • Filing Parties can be added or removed by clicking either “Remove Filing Party” or “Add Filing Party”
  • To remove a contact from a filing party, simply click on the red “X” by their name.

This is a default description of the type of filing that has been selected, the organization, and the docket information.
  • Enter a description for the submission
    • General Format: [Title or description of document type] by [Filing Party] in [Docket/Project Number].
  • Limited to 500 characters.
  • Be as precise as possible.
Confirmation: This screen is a summary of all of the information that has been filled out prior to submitting the filing.
  • The Submission Description, Dockets, Files, and Filing Parties can all be edited from this screen by clicking on their respective link.
  • Canceling the filing will result in all of the submission information being lost. There will not be an option to resume if a filing is cancelled.
It is recommended that this page be printed as a reference of the filing. A printer-friendly version is available by clicking on the link.

Be sure to click “Submit” so that the filing transaction will be completed. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation of the submission.
  • Once the filing has been submitted, a confirmation of receipt email will be sent to the eRegistration email address.


eSubscription allows users to subscribe to press releases, submissions, and issuances under any docket or sub docket.

Users will receive an email with a description and a link to any document added to eLibrary in a docket or project to which they are subscribed.

  • Login to FERC Online either by clicking “Log In,” or by clicking on the “eSubscription.”
  • Click on the check box to be added to Press Releases
  • Click on Add New Subscription to subscribe to specific dockets or projects
  • Users can search and add a specific docket or use quick entry to subscribe to multiple dockets.
    • Checking “Open Dockets Only” will show dockets that are not currently closed.
    • Subscribing to “Root Docket Only” will result in notifications only being sent if a submission is made to the main docket
    • Subscribing to “All Existing and New Sub Dockets” will result in notifications of all submissions made in that docket.
  • Dockets can easily be unsubscribed by clicking on the “unsubscribe” checkbox and clicking on the “unsubscribe” button.

Query Mailing List/Recipient by State

Mailing List – All persons on the service list, List of Recipients, and other interested parties.

Recipients by State – Local, state, and other federal officials that have an interest in FERC projected related to a specific state.

eRegistration is not required to use this application.

    Search Recipients:
  • Select whether recipients will be listed by a certain docket number or by state.
  • Enter the docket number or scroll down to the state.
  • Click “Search”
    • The data can be downloaded into various formats.
    • Choose the appropriate format and then click “Download List.”

Query Service List

Allows users with an eRegistration account to view and download contacts on a service list. The service list is composed of persons that have filed applications, intervened, answered to a complaint, and notices of appearance.
    Displaying Contacts:
  • Type in the root docket or project number that you are interested in
  • Click “Display List”
  • A listing of all parties, primary contacts, and other contacts will be displayed.
  • Downloading Contacts:
  • Type in the root docket or project number that you are interested in
  • Choose the address type
    • Email (displays contacts that have an email address), Postal (displays contacts that do not have an email address), or All Contacts.
  • Choose the format
  • Click “Download List.”
  • Email addresses have a semi-colon delimiter and are compatible with Outlook.
    • This may need to be modified for other email products.

Quick Comment

Quick comment is a feature provided for users that do not frequently eFile and does not require an eRegistration account but does require a valid email address.
    Request Quick Comment:
  • Fill in your name, email address, telephone number (optional), and the numbers that appear in the text box.
  • An email will be sent with a link to an online form where your comments should be supplied.
  • File Quick Comment:
  • The link in the email that FERC sent will take you to the quick comment submission page. The information entered in the previous step will be displayed on the data entry form.
  • Users can either search for a docket or use quick entry.
    • Comments are limited to P, PF, and CP dockets
  • Once the docket(s) have been added, the user can type or paste in their comments.
    • Limited to 6000 characters.

Quick Entry

  • Allows a series of dockets to be entered at one time.
  • Insert the dockets to be included and click “Add.”
  • Below is an example of quick entry:
    ER07-1-000;ER07-10-000;ER07-100-000;ER07-101-000;ER07-102-000; (Note: No spaces, and a semi-colon after every entry. This is only one of the many docket prefixes that FERC has.)

Document-less Intervention
(Timely & Out-of-Time)

Document-less intervention is intended for parties that wish to intervene in a proceeding. It is for intervention only. Substantive comments on the merits of the proceeding, protests, or other motions should be filed separately using the eFiling system.

All contacts for the service list must have validated eRegistration accounts prior to filing.

The text box is limited to 6000 characters (about 2 pages) and should include - and be limited to - the information specified by 18 CFR 385.214(b), including:
  • The position taken by the movant and the basis for that position
  • The movant’s interest in the proceeding sufficient to show that
    • The movant has a right to participate
    • The movant represents an interest which may be directly affected by the outcome of the proceeding, including any interest as a consumer, customer, competitor, or security holder of a party, or
    • The movant’s participation is in the public interest
If filing “out-of-time”, i.e., after the deadline published in the applicable Commission notice of filing, the movant must also show good cause why the time limitation should be waived.