The Electric Quarterly Report (EQR) database, including data filed by all respondents, is available for download. The associated ZIP files can be downloaded via the following FTP site/link using Internet Explorer V.11.

Downloading the Database
The EQR database is provided in a series of files. Together, the compressed EQR database files are over 15.5 GB. Due to the large size of the database, only three users are allowed to download simultaneously at any time. Because downloading may take a long time, it will likely work best if scheduled during off-peak hours, such as Sundays or at night.

Each year’s transaction data are provided in a zip file. A separate zip file provides the remaining EQR data. Each transaction year may be used individually, but because the database is relational the “All Other EQR Data” file must be downloaded to understand the transaction files - see the Database Schematic.

When decompressed, the database is over 130 GB. It is provided in Visual FoxPro format which can be read by most advanced database applications. The file is too large to be imported into a Microsoft Access database. Because of the size of the database and the computer sophistication required to use it, only parties with IT departments capable of supporting the database should attempt to download it. Please visit our EQR - Filing Inquiries section for other means of obtaining information.

Note: Due to limitations on the size of the database tables, the quarterly transaction tables have been split into 2 tables.  The resultant tables have the suffixes _AL and _MZ.  The _AL table contains respondents whose name begins with A through L while the _MZ contains respondents whose name begins with M through Z.

Complete EQR Database

Transaction Data:
All Other EQR Data:
(ID, Contract, and Structural Information)

Contact Information

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