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FERC Online: our portal to documents and dockets

Interact electronically with FERC

Outage Notice

FERC Online, eFiling, eLibrary, ePublication, and eSubscription will experience brief service interruptions from 11 p.m. ET, Friday, July 22, 2016 to 3 a.m. ET Saturday, July 23, 2016.

Thank you for your understanding.

What’s New at FERC Online:
  • My Service List: Allows you to query all Service Lists that you are linked to.
  • Password Reset: Easily reset your password through an automated email sent to your eRegistered email address.
  • The Filing Party will be listed when searching dockets using eFiling, eComment, or eSubscription.
  • Alternate Contact Information is now optional instead of required for your eRegistration.

Login to your FERC Online account or create a new one.

Individuals must register with the Commission to obtain access to all the FERC Online applications. Read More

Company Registration Request a new or modify an existing Company Identifier that will permit the registered company to make eTariff filings. Read More

A simple method of submitting text only comments for the Public record in P (hydro), PF (Pre-Filing), PT (Pre-Filing for Electric Transmission Facilities) and CP (Gas Pipeline Certificate Applications) Dockets. Read More

Note for eComment: (P, PF, PT and CP Dockets only; eRegistering is not required)

New Users must first eRegister to use eFiling.

Current FERC Online Applications

eFiling - Electronically submit qualified documents to FERC in lieu of paper filings. Read More

eSubscription - Users subscribe or ‘sign up’ for specific dockets and are notified via email about future correspondence. Users have immediate access to the correspondence or documents in eLibrary. Read More

eService - View the official mailing list or service list for a docketed proceeding. Read More

eLibrary - Users have access to over two million documents related to specific docketed proceedings with over ten million pages through the FERC Website. Read More