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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Access documents issued and received by FERC by using the link options below.

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Coming Soon: A New eLibrary

FERCís eLibrary will be modernized with a simpler design and better search and download capabilities that are backed by an upgraded and reliable architecture. The new eLibrary will feature:

  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Simplified Search Forms
  • Improved Keyword Search
  • Customizable Search Result Displays
  • Enhanced Ability to Customize Zip Files

Look for updates and our go-live date by following us on the†FERC RSS feed† and on†Twitter External Link.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the New eLibrary

    1. What happened to Daily and Advanced Search?

    In the new eLibrary interface, Daily and Advanced Search will be consolidated into General Search.
    1. To perform a Daily Search, simply enter today’s date in both the To and From date fields.

    2. Once you obtain a result, click on the Columns option in the submenu at the top of the screen to select the fields of data that you want to display as columns in your search results.

    3. All fields normally available in the Daily Search will be available in the new General Search results.

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    2. If I do not know the docket number, how can I find a specific docket or project?

    There will be several ways to find the docket in the new eLibrary interface:†
    1. You can use a wildcard search in the Docket field of the General Search form.

      1. To use a wildcard search, enter the part of the docket number that you know and then place an "*" after it.

      2. To find a docket prefix, click on the Information icon to the right of the Docket Number field to display the Docket Prefix List.

    2. You can leave the Docket field blank and use a combination of any of the following fields to filter: Category, Library, Availability, Document Type, and Description (keywords).

    3. Once you have a result, you can view the list of docket numbers and select any docket number or prefix to refine your search.

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    3. Why canít I view a file without downloading?

    In this new eLibrary interface, when you click on a Filename, the selected file will download to your device so you may view it using a compatible program installed on your device.
    1. The functionality to view a file without downloading will be added in a later release for common file types that may be viewed in web browsers.

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    4. How do I search by Accession Number, Federal Cite or other numbers?

    This information, normally found in Advanced Search, but in the new eLibrary interface you can find it in the Unique Identifiers field in the General Search form.
    1. Click the down arrow to select the Unique Identifier that you would like to use and enter the number in the field to the right.

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