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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Careers Why Choose FERC ?

Why Choose FERC?
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  • Exciting, challenging and meaningful work. Read testimonials from some of our employees!

  • Regulation of prominent energy markets and environmental issues that affect all Americans.

  • Excellent benefits, compensation, training, career progression and a professional/personal work-life balance. In fact, studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that the gap concerning benefits between the private and public sectors has been growing-in favor of the public sector.

  • A dynamic, diverse and talented workforce of professionals. FERC has the highest percentage of employees below the age of 30 compared on average to other Federal agencies.

  • In a recent Federal Human Capital Survey, FERC ranked in the top 10 for Leadership and Knowledge Management, Results-Oriented Performance Culture and Talent Management compared to other Federal agencies.

  • FERC ensures a safe and reliable supply of electric power from renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric dams. The Commission conducts over 2,000 site inspections each year and currently oversees more than $1 billion in dam safety modifications and repairs!

  • FERC encourages the development of alternative energy sources such as wave and ocean energy by introducing innovative approaches to the licensing application process. The Integrated Licensing Process and the Alternative Licensing Process aim to substantially decrease the amount of time that it takes for a project to receive Commission approval.

  • Training and development allow for extensive personal and professional growth.