Statement: December 20, 2007

Docket No: RM05-17-001

"The OATT reform measures that the Commission adopted in Order No. 890 marked an important step forward in advancing and modernizing the core of our regulation of the electric grid. Among other changes, the Commission put demand resources on an equal footing with other resources in directly contributing to the reliability and efficient operation and expansion of the electric transmission system. We also made several changes that recognized that the intermittent nature of renewable resources like wind has to be considered in the operation of the grid.

I am pleased that the Commission is reaffirming the fundamental reforms adopted in Order No. 890. I am also pleased that, in response to requests for rehearing, the Commission is making useful clarifications on such items as rollover rights.

I would like to commend our hard-working staff that pored through the numerous requests for rehearing the Commission received and that developed this important order."

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