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Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

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Jordan Cove Liquefaction and Pacific Connector Pipeline Projects (CP13-483-000 and CP13-492-000)
Aguirre Offshore GasPort, LLC’s Aguirre Offshore GasPort Project (Docket No. CP13-193-000)
Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC’s Algonquin Incremental Market Project (Docket No. CP14-96-000)
Corpus Christi LNG Project (Docket Nos. CP12-507-000 and CP12-508-000)
Phase II Modification and Liquefaction Projects (Docket Nos. CP12-29-000 and CP12-509-000)
Constitution Pipeline Project and Wright Interconnect Project (Docket Nos. CP13-499-000 and CP13-502-000)
Cameron LNG, LLC’s and Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC’s Liquefaction Project (Docket Nos. CP13-25-000 and CP13-27-000)
Sierrita Pipeline Project (Docket Nos. CP13-73-000 and CP13-74-000)
Downeast LNG Project (CP07-52-000, CP07-53-000, CP07-53-001)
Gulf LNG (CP06-12)
Creole Trail (CP05-357-000, et al.)
Cove Point (PF04-15, CP05-132)
Long Beach LNG (CP04-58, et al.)
Compass Pass [eLibrary] (CP04-114)
Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC’s Algonquin Incremental Market Project (CP14-96-000)
Constitution Pipeline and Wright Interconnect Projects (CP13-499-000 and CP13-502-000)
Corpus Christi LNG Project (CP12-507-000 and CP12-508-000)
Liquefaction and Phase II Modification Projects (Docket Nos. CP12-509-000 and CP12-29-000)
Downeast LNG Project (CP07-52-000, CP07-53-000, and CP07-53-001)
Cameron LNG, LLC’s and Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC’s Liquefaction Project (CP13-25-000 and CP13-27-000)
Sierrita Pipeline Project (CP13-73-000 and CP13-74-000)
Rockaway Delivery Lateral and Northeast Connector Projects (CP13-36-000, CP13-132-000)
New Jersey - New York Expansion Project (CP11-56-000)
Apex Expansion Project (CP10-14-000)
Ruby Pipeline Project (CP09-54-000)
Bison Pipeline Project (CP09-161-000)
HubLine/East to West Project (CP08-420-000, -001)
Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC's Phase VIII Expansion Project (CP09-17-000)
Jordan Cove Liquefied National Gas (LNG) Terminal and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Project (CP07-444-000 and CP07-441-000)
Sparrows Point LNG and Mid-Atlantic Express Pipeline Project (CP07-62-000, CP07-63-000, CP07-64-000, and CP07-65-000)
Floridian Natural Gas Storage Project (CP08-13-000)
Bradwood Landing (CP06-365-000 and CP06-366-000)
Midcontinent Express Pipeline Project (CP08-6-000)
Rockies Express East Project (CP07-208-000)
Gulf Crossing Project (CP07-398-000 et al.)
Fayetteville/Greenville Expansion Project (CP07-417-000)
Broadwater (CP06-54-000, et al.)
High Plains Expansion Project (CP07-207-000)
Guardian Expansion and Extension Project (CP07-8-000, CP07-8-001, and CP07-8-002)
Phoenix Expansion Project (CP06-459-000)
Southeast Supply Header Project (CP07-44-000 & CP07-45-000)
Calhoun LNG (CP05-91-000 and CP05-380-000)
Elba III (CP06-470-000, et al.)
Southeast Expansion Project (CP07-032-000)
North Baja Pipeline Expansion Project (CP06-61-000, -001, -002, and CP01-23-003)
East Texas to Mississippi Expansion Project (CP06-446-000)
Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline Project (CP06-449-000)
Rockies Western Phase Project (CP06-354-000 et al.)
Bayou Casotte (CP05-420)
Gulf LNG (CP06-12 and CP06-13-000)
Northeast (NE)-07 Project
Carthage to Perryville Project (CP06-85-000)
Creole Trail (CP05-360-000, et al.)
Cove Point (CP05-315-000 et al.)
Port Arthur (CP05-83-000, et al.)
Crown Landing (CP04-411-000 and CP04-416-000)
Cypress Pipeline Project & Phase VII Expansion Project (CP05-388-000 & CP06-1-000)
Piceance Expansion Pipeline Project (CP05-54-000)
Northwest Pipeline's Capacity Replacement Pipeline (CP05-32-000 & CP05-32-001)
Entrega Pipeline Project (CP04-413-00)
Ingleside (CP05-13)
Golden Pass (CP04-386)
Weaver's Cove (CP04-36)
Keyspan (CP04-223)
Vista Del Sol PDF (CP04-395)
Corpus Christi PDF (CP04-37)
Sabine Pass [eLibrary] (CP04-47)

Updated: January 23, 2015