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Smart Grid

To help achieve the modernization of the Nation's electric transmission system FERC is now focusing on Smart Grid. Smart Grid advancements will apply digital technologies to the grid, and enable real-time coordination of information from both generation supply resources and demand side resources, thus bringing new efficiencies to the electric system while at the same time helping to ensure reliability of the system.

Demand Response

Demand Response refers to the ability of customers to respond to either a reliability trigger or a price trigger by changing their usage patterns. Through the customer’s action in lowering the peak demand for energy, demand response programs reduce the need to construct new, expensive generation units.

Integration of Renewables

The use of renewable energy resources to generate electricity has the potential to be a cost-effective means not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to diversify the fuels used to generate electricity. The Commission makes policies to allow all resources, including renewable energy resources, to compete in markets on a level playing field.