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Quiz Answers

Question 1
How many industries does FERC regulate?
      Answer:   Four

Question 2
Where are the Commission's Headquarters?
      Answer:   Washington, D.C.

Question 3
How many years do Commissioners serve for?
      Answer:   Five

Question 4
Does taxpayer money support the Commission?
      Answer:   No, the Commission recoups its costs from fees.

Question 5
What was the original name of FERC when it was founded in 1920?
      Answer:   Federal Power Commission.

Question 6
When was the Federal Power Act passed?
      Answer:   1920

Question 7
Who regulates retail energy prices?
      Answer:   The individual states.

Question 8
How many different ways are there for rates for oil pipelines to be established? Bonus question: Name them.
      Answer:   Four. They are: Indexing, Cost-of -Service, Settlement and Market-based.

Question 9
Does the FERC regulate electricity poles?
      Answer:   No, but the FERC regulates the transmission of the power across interstate lines.

Question 10
How many feet of ground is a pipeline usually buried under?
      Answer:   Three