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Crossword Puzzle Answers

crossword puzzle

1. FERC oversees ------------- matters.
2. Not legislated by others.
5. Sets standards.
3. Bad for consumers.
10. How gas or oil is transported.
4. Engines in a dam.
12. Permission to build.
6. No more than ----- Commission members may belong to the same political party.
15. The process of building something.
7. FERC Headquarters location.
17. Legal heads
8. Who FERC used to be.
18. Regional Transmission Offices.
9. Permission Given.
19. They need water elevators.
11. Across state lines.
20. Prices
12. Five serve at a time.
21. Hydroelectric ---- (plural)
13. Commissioner's appointment term (in years).
14. From one place to another.
16. Comes in liquid or gas.