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What we do

There are almost 1,200 employees who help FERC with its critical job of regulating our energy industries and protecting energy consumers.

  • Engineers and Environmental specialists review hydroelectric, liquefied natural gas and natural gas pipeline project proposals. They prepare environmental and safety documents and recommend additional mitigation to protect the environment and the general public;

  • Economists are involved in analyzing how energy markers are working and whether competition is reducing energy costs and protecting the public;

  • Accountants investigate energy company transactions;

  • Energy Industry Analysts analyze electric and natural gas tariffs, market behavior, mergers and also develop regulations;

  • Congressional and public affairs specialists make sure that the Commission's point of views reach the press and Congress. They also use the FERC Internet to rapidly get information to energy companies, the Press, Congress and the general public on FERC's decisions, events and policies;

  • Attorneys provide a legal review of all Commisision decisions and also litigate cases before FERC' Administrative Law Judges. They also get involved in settlements with energy companies; and

  • Students in FERC's STARS Program assist offices through out the FERC with administrative tasks and on occasion do special project work.

All of these individuals are working to promote competitive energy markets whenever possible, to assure availability to reliable service at a reasonable price, and to give full and fair consideration to environmental and community concerns in assessing the public interest of energy projects.