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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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RSS Feeds
The RSS Feed links listed below are "feeds" that website publishers use to syndicate a summary of the latest FERC news.

XML - RSS Feed for What's New What's New Feed - The most important headlines, decisions, Sunshine Notice and other news and events at FERC.

XML - RSS Feed for FERC Podcast FERC Podcast - Find out when FERC issues interesting and informative podcasts.

XML - RSS Feed for Market Assessment Market Assessment Feed - Reviews and updates of Energy Market activity.

XML - RSS Feed for Technical Conference Technical Conferences - Initial Notice of Technical Conferences being hosted by FERC.

XML - RSS Feed for eTariff eTariff - Updates to all information and an electronic testing to aid in the development of software by vendors.

XML - RSS Feed for EQR EQR - Updates to all information regarding Electric Quarterly Reports.

XML - RSS Feed for OALJ OALJ - Updates to the Chief Judge’s Notices to the Public.

What is RSS?
Rich Site Summary (RSS) or Really Simple Syndication is a technology used to distribute a website's content to users in real time. Currently, FERC uses RSS to share its most important web content with other websites.

Benefits of RSS

  • It's an easy way to gather a wide variety of content in one place on your computer;
  • Information is delivered to your news aggregator or feed reader, freeing you from having to visit a website multiple times a day to find content;
  • View headlines and summaries before linking to the full article; and
  • Many RSS readers will alert you when new content is delivered.

How do I subscribe to FERC's RSS news feed?
If you have never used RSS, you'll need a news aggregator, RSS feed reader, or Microsoft Outlook 2010 (a lot of email applications now have the ability to incorporate RSS feeds) to be able to subscribe to FERC's news feeds. To subscribe to our news feed, select one and follow their directions.

If you already have a RSS feed reader, just copy one of our RSS news feed code from above into your application.

Is FERC's RSS feed different from eSubscription?
Yes it is. Our RSS feed will only give you the most important content of our website that falls under "What's New at FERC" or "Market Assessment”. In addition, you are not required to provide an email address or other personal information to benefit from news feeds. eSubscription is ideal for tracking all correspondence for specific dockets and projects pending at FERC. eSubscription does require that users electronically register with a valid email address.