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Hydrokinetic Pilot Project Licensing Procedures

Pre-Filing Activity
  1. Applicant Provides to Stakeholders and Files with Commission: 1) NOI; 2) Draft License Application (DLA), Including Proposed Monitoring Plan; 3) Request for Waiver/Process Plan; 4) Request for Designation as Non-Federal Representative for ESA & Section 106 (NHPA) Consultation
    Commission Notices Pre-Filing Process and Document Availability [30 days]

  2. Agencies and Others File Comments on Process Plan and DLA (Including Monitoring Plan)
    Commission Solicits Tribal Consultation and Designates Applicant as Non-Federal Representative for ESA and Section 106 Consultation [15 days]

    • Commission Issues Meeting Notice (if needed) [30 days]
    • Public Meeting/Technical Conference (if needed) [15 days]

    [30 days]
  3. Commission Notices Conclusion of Pre-filing Process
    Commission Makes Determination on Request for Waiver/Process Plan

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