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Proposed Licensing Process for Hydrokinetic Pilot Projects

Purpose - To develop a pilot project licensing process that can be completed in as few as six months, provides for Commissionoversight and agency input, and allows developers to generate while testing.

Pre-Application Activity   Post Filing Activity
Applicant Files Notice of Intent & Draft Application; Requestfor Designation of Non-Federal Representative for ESA & Section 106 (NHPA)   Applicant Files License Application, Study and Monitoring Plan, Applicant Prepared DBA, CZMA Application, and 401 Application (if needed)
Agencies and Others File Comments on Draft Application Commission Initiates Tribal Consultation and Designates Applicant as Non-Federal Rep for ESA and NHPA   Acceptance & REA Notice; and Requestfor Interventions Commission Issues BA
      Agencies and Others File Comments on Application; Recommendations;Conditions; and Monitoring Requests
      Commission Issues Single EA if FONSI
      Comments on EA;10 J Resolution

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