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How To Guides

How to Prepare Presentations to be given in the FERC Commission Meeting Room
Presentations must use the approved template or adhere to the following requirements otherwise FERC cannot guarantee the quality of the presentation either inside the Commission Meeting Room or on the webcast. Read More

How to Intervene
Motions to Intervene - Individuals have the option to intervene in Commission proceedings. Intervenors becomes participants in a proceeding and have the right to request rehearing of Commission orders and seek relief of final agency actions in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal. All motions to intervene should be submitted to the Commission pursuant to 18 C.F.R. § 385.214 External Link. The Commission expects parties to intervene in a timely manner based on the reasonably foreseeable issues arising from the applicant's filing and the Commission's notice of filing. Read More

How to be added to the Service List
The Commission's Secretary maintains service lists for FERC proceedings. Service lists are restricted to intervenors. So, you MUST file a request to intervene in order to subscribe to a service list. The only way to be added to a service list is to intervene. Intervenors on the Service List will receive the applicant's filings, Commission documents related to the case, and materials filed by other interested parties. However, as an intervenor, you are also obligated to give copies of what you file to all the other parties on the Service List. Service Lists are available electronically through FERC Online's eService.

How to be added to the Mailing List
Mailing lists are established by Commission Staff to ensure that participants in certain natural gas and hydropower project proceedings receive important information about the project such as Environmental Impact Statements. To get on the mailing list, you must file a letter with the Secretary of the Commission. Requests must identify the case by name and docket number, for example, P-2000-000 or CP02-396-000. At this time, requests to be added to the mailing list may not be filed electronically.

Mail requests to:

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    Secretary of the Commission
    888 First Street, N.E.,
    Washington, DC 20426

How to make a Complaint
Complaints are filed by persons seeking action against any other person alleged to be in contravention or in violation of any statute, rule, order or other law administered by the Commission or for any other alleged wrong over which the Commission may have jurisdiction.

  • Visit our Complaints section to learn more about the procedures for filing a formal complaint with the Commission.
  • Visit our Enforcement Hotline section to learn more about the available enforcement hotline assistance to help in matters within the Commission's jurisdiction including but not limited to helping landowners obtain restoration of property damaged by pipeline construction.
  • Visit SBA - National Ombudsman Fair Enforcement of Federal Regulations External Link website for information regarding the rights of small businesses to complain regarding federal agency enforcement actions against small businesses.

How to Submit Comments via eComment
Visit our eComment page and click on the "eComment" button. You will be directed to our FERC Online website. Read More

How to obtain a Company Identifier
All Tariff Filings and certain form filings require that filers use Company Identifiers issued by the Commission. You must check the requirements for the form you need to file to determine if that form requires a Company Identifier. These requirements can be found at:

To receive a Company Identifier, companies must apply through a FERC Online application known as Company Registration. This application will permit a company to request a Company Identifier, modify information associated with an existing Company Identifier, transition Company Identifiers issued before August 12, 2013.  Read More