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File Open Access Transmission Tariffs

The Commission in Order No. 890-A PDF, issued December 28, 2007, and published in the Federal Register on January 16, 2008, adopted further reforms to the pro forma Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) which requires transmission providers to submit additional OATT compliance filings to reflect such reforms. Please visit our OATT Reform - Summary of Compliance Filing Requirements section to learn more on the submission deadlines.

The compliance filings must be submitted using the Commission's electronic filing system utilizing the eTariff format. On the Electric menu, select the filing type "eTariff".

The Commission’s electronic filing system can be accessed on its web site under Documents and Filing section. Note: An eRegister account is required for all persons logging in to the system and for persons who will be listed as a primary contact or person responsible for the filing.

eLibrary search tips
  • OATT submissions will be stored in eLibrary in the "Electric" library with Class = Application/Petition/Request, Type = Tariff Filing.
  • NERC/NAESB status reports will be stored in the “Electric” library with Class = Status Report, Type = Status Report, and docket numbers RM05-17 and RM05-25.