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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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The Process

To get a good overview of the decision-making process, we have outlined the major parts of each process for the following kinds of projects.

Natural Gas Projects Hydroelectric Projects
Includes pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities and liquefied natural gas terminals.

Applicant’s Planning Process - Schematic

Pre-filing Processes
EIS Environmental Review Process - Schematic
EA Environmental Review Process - Schematic

Application Process - Schematic

Construction Process - Schematic

Includes re-licensing, original licensing, major amendments and new construction.

Traditional Process
Pre-filing - Schematic
Application Filed - Schematic

Alternative Licensing Process
Pre-filing - Schematic
Application Filed - Schematic

Integrated Licensing Process
Hydroelectric Licensing Rulemaking - Visit our "Hydropower Rulemaking" section to learn more

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